Sip Trunking

TelSip Trunking

Do you have an IP PBX (VoIP enabled PBX system)? Are you thinking about replacing your old PBX with this new generation of phone systems?  Are you tired of high monthly recurring charges from your telecommunications carrier?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then TelSIP Trunking is for you!

What is TelSip Trunking?

TelSip Trunking is the latest state of the art technology that allows your calls and phone lines to enter the VoIP (Voice Over internet Protocol) age, while saving you thousands of dollars in T1/ PRI monthly recurring charges.

All traditional phone companies use this technology in their internal networks.  Why not take advantage of this technology at your business?

Cloud computing is the fastest growing segment in the internet age.  TelSip Trunking is the logical choice for your migration to these advanced communications.

TelSIP Trunking lets you make full use of your IP PBXs ability to communicate over IP in the cloud, as well as internally.

Since the call travels mostly over the internet, and only gets switched back to PSTN near the destination, the call cost is significantly more competitive than traditional PSTN calls.

If you have a traditional PBX, you can still take advantage of all the benefits and savings of SIP Trunking! You will simply need a Gateway  to connect your PBX to IP, and bring it into the digital age.

What are the benefits of TelSip Trunking?

  • Reducing monthly expenses, since only one connection for data and voice is needed
  • Eliminating the need for PRI (primary rate interface)/BRI (basic rate interface) connections, lowering telephony costs
  • Allowing companies to outsource their PSTN connectivity to a third party, reducing long-distance charges
  • Providing points of presence in multiple U.S. cities so that companies can establish local numbers rather than rely on a 1-800 number
  • Accessing the benefits of a hosted VoIP service, without discarding existing investments in a traditional phone system
  • Lower cost-per-minute charges – in most cases 50% savings.

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