By December 2018, 42% of enterprises will send 100% of their traffic over SIP trunks1

As a SIP trunk reseller, you can thrill your customers with reduced rates and superior service while you earn considerable commissions.

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TelServ is committed to your success, and we can help you grow your footprint by providing high-quality communications solutions to your customers. Team with us, and you’ll benefit from:

A partner with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art VoIP network
A wholesaler that’s earned high marks for MOS
An LCR platform that supports local and NPA-NXX routing
Enhanced billing services your customers will appreciate
An experienced minutes merchant with diverse routing options
A redundant network that’s secure, reliable, and simple to sell
Crystal-clear inbound and outbound calling with your pick of pricing models
Friendly, toll-free support plus access to 411, E911, and operator services
Expanded calling ranges plus domestic and international long distance
Inbound caller ID and geolocation with support from 24×7 operation centers
Private labeling options with redundant, reliable DID routing
And a whole lot more!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our solutions can strengthen your business.

Bring your customers a SIP trunking solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Our low overhead allows us to offer incredibly competitive domestic and international rates while providing partners with sizable margins that significantly boost their bottom lines. And, best of all, end users still benefit from superior service.

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